27 April 2012

Is Social Media Websites are growing from Sport Stars ?

Hi,Its been while posting here,Today let me tell you how Social Media websites have tremendous Impact on the Sports.Social Websites like Twitter,Facebook and others are growing because of famous Sports guys today.
So many fans,players and teams are already in the social media websites which gives a ever green staying visitors to social media websites. Most of the sports fans will be online while they are watching match on TV and Tweeting their experiences on Twitter or on buzz.The players will be in great touch with the social media websites so that the their fans get face to face contact with them.
Soccer a game with billions of fans.Kaka ,Ronalda,David Beckham and other great football players have their fans in online which are nearly touching the sky.It is been found that more than 40% of the Social Media users are online because of film stars,sport  players and Entertainment guys.Twitter a breath taking tweeting website got so many sign ups in a month because of Fifa world cup and IPL cricket match.So every social media websites today are almost at the top of the mountain and are smoking at the sky ,the final question is will they retain for ever?.
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