19 March 2012

Why your Twitter followers not follow you back when you follow them

Hi,Twitter is one of the good social media website which is often called as "SMS OF WEB" .Whenever you follow someone on twitter ,you will be hoping that they'll follow you back.But that isn't sometime work with you ,why ?
OK ,you may find this as the main reason for your followers to follow you back-
  • You don't have a good Bio about you-Make sure there is 160 characters available to write about yourself you have to express every good things about you  in the available space to get followers back following you.
  • You Tweet little on twitter-Whenever you have free time to express good things around you ,Make a Tweet in twitter.
  • No profile photo ?-You should have a good profile photo to have relevant identity about you.
  • Your new to Twitter-Once you signed up for twitter  do all required things and start following to get followers back following you.
  • Your tweets are protected- Twitter asks you whether your Tweets are public or private ?If you have chosen private your tweets will be visible to those whose follow requests you have accepted.So better make your tweets public to get good opinion about you.
Well this may seems interesting to you,and Please do comment if you have any questions,Thanks have a nice day.