12 March 2012

How to Attract visitors from the Facebook Fan page to your website

Hi, There are so many ways to drive traffic to your website and 1 of the simple and easiest way to get traffic is by Facebook fan page.what makes you to think Facebook fan page instead of other social media websites,the answer is the Facebook has more than 800 million registered users  and nearly 500 million online users which is and ideal website to drive traffic to your website.How you must interact with your Facebook fans ?How to keep your visitors or fans in your own website garden?

OK ,here are the answers for your questions:
  • Update your Facebook fan page regularly so that your website fans will have positive feeling about you.
  • Fulfill the dreams of  your visitors by answering their comments or questions.
  •  Having Facebook like button is useful thing to you to get more fans to your websites
  • Encourage your Fans by helping or supporting their thoughts.
  • Give them best opportunity and knowledge from your website by regularly  posting or updating your website.
  • Don't be money minded in front of your Fans or visitors by placing too many Ads in your website.
  • Try to make first visitor time visitor a regular visitor to your website.
The other social media too brings you lots of visitors and fans to your website.So start bringing traffic and try to enjoy with your fans.Please do comments if you have any questions regarding this post.Thanks Have a nice day .


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