10 February 2012

Buying a Domain name using Unverified Paypal Account?

Hi once again,It is been while since I've posted my last post.Ok today let me say something that you haven't heard it before .It is buying a domain  using Unverified Paypal account.Many of the students who dont have an bank account or credit card can use this method for real use.

Buying a domain name using unverified Paypal account

An unverified account is a account which is not linked to any bank account or credit card.By using namecheap you can easily buy a domain from an unverified paypal account  .Namecheap is a good domain name provider and only in this it is possible,even Godaddy doesn't allow you to buy from an unverified paypal account.Please note that if the indian people are having some problem in buying a domain you can buy a free domain in indiagetonline.com.A free domain name provider only for indian people .If you are indian then you can buy a free domain in that website.Have a nice day. 

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